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My Testimony for Lunsford's Construction

     Our house was completed on December 23rd, of 2008 and the feedback is overwhelming with compliments. Lunsford's Construction, Terry, was a pleasure to do business with and exceeded all of our expectations. My husband and I could have NOT asked for any more professional, knowledge and workmanship.
     The commitment that he showed for us felt like working with family. Questions that would arise, he would find an answer and respond ASAP. Every morning and evening he would be at our house site checking on the process and quality of progress. Terry is terrific with a schedule, budget and quality of work and products.
     Still to this day, if I call Terry with a question or concern, he calls me right back. For instance, all my fire alarms were going off (and I had already replaced the batteries) and I called him in a panic. He calms me down and explains that we must now have to reset the house security system and proceeds to tell me step by step how to do this. He even offered to come over and do it for me! Yes, this is only one example of the many times I have called him.
     In conclusion, Terry Lunsford is a phenomenal contractor and person in general. I would recommend him to anyone that requires great commitment, performance, and workmanship. He understands the unique requirements of a build-to-suit project.

Jimmy Wayne & Melinda Lee
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